Des Moines is a pretty special place. We're one of the top 75 media markets in the country (#68 for TV and #71 for radio, to be exact). We're widely regarded as one of the best places to live. And thanks to the Iowa caucuses, we've cultivated a reputation as the most engaged and sophisticated voters in the country.

We deserve locally-owned, locally-responsible media

A self-assured and healthy community like Des Moines deserves locally-owned, locally-responsible media that's smarter than syndication. We deserve content that speaks to issues that matter here, whether or not they seem important to people elsewhere. And we deserve content that respects our place in the bigger world, too.

So...that's our story

Or you can reach our PO Box in West Des Moines at the address below. We don't bite. We think small is beautiful. We're interested in talking with you if you want to do things the Iowa way.